Our Draft Night has been moved to this evening at 8:30pm EST, join us on our Raidcall server: 8632455 set your names as follows, IGN / Rank / Role. Hope to see everyone there!

Alright ladies and Gents here we go with the YoloQ for tonight. Casters are PinkRambo and Soliquo and we’re looking forward to a good set of matches! Come hang out!

Greetings, Summoners! 

Tonight is our Draft Night tournament! Join us for an evening of League of Legends matches, get drafted on a team, and fight for victory! Join us on our Raidcall: 8632455 at 8:30 EST/7:30 CST. Hope to see you all<3

DWAI Gaming Yolo Queue Tournament!

Our soon-to-be weekly Yolo Queue Tournament is currently being streamed! Come watch and support some familiar faces as they fight against each other for a chance at RP and a Triumphant Ryze skin. :)

No Bronze Left Behind: Episode 2

DWAI Gaming’s draft night is starting soon, join us on raidcall for some awesome League games! (: RC: 8632455

Hello everyone! Come join us for the DWAICS Semi-Finals, as Team Voltaic takes on DWAI Auxiliary

Things are just getting started!