DWAI Gaming Yolo Queue Tournament!

Our soon-to-be weekly Yolo Queue Tournament is currently being streamed! Come watch and support some familiar faces as they fight against each other for a chance at RP and a Triumphant Ryze skin. :)

No Bronze Left Behind: Episode 2

DWAI Gaming’s draft night is starting soon, join us on raidcall for some awesome League games! (: RC: 8632455

Hello everyone! Come join us for the DWAICS Semi-Finals, as Team Voltaic takes on DWAI Auxiliary

Things are just getting started!

DWAI Gaming Championship Series

Group C of the DWAI CS plays today starting off the games with DWAI’s Finest vs. Kill A La Kill! Come root and !vote for your favourite team on our stream and join in the conversation! 

The second set of games are being streamed right now, watch as team Feeking Amazing takes on team MerryGo Boys! Stay tuned for  kT Trash Bags vs Turn Up Function 8 PM EST & Feeking Amazing vs Turn Up Function 9:30 PM EST.

Welcome to the second day of the DWAI CS! Join us on our stream and watch as Turn Up Function and Merry Go Boys duke it out for a chance at our first place prize!