DWAI Gaming: OCE Draft Night!

In Oceania, we’re having our weekly tournament known as Draft Night! Come in, become a captain and choose your teammates wisely…as they’ll help you win! All of the action will be streamed and casted live on our twitch!

We’re doing a giveaway via the very lovely Game Toons , we’re giving away a Riven Key Chain!

So come join us on Raidcall ID 4827996 , we will begin very soon!

DWAI Solo Queue Tournament


DWAI’s YoloQ Tournament is a go! The teams are made and the battles have begun. Come join us in watching everyone duke it out for prizes!


DWAI NA Summoner Draft Night


TGIF! and thank god it’s time for Draft Night again. Another chance for bragging rights in the great game of League of Legends.

Head on over to the DWAI Raidcall around 8:30 est / 7:30 cst. 

Can’t wait to see you all there!


Check the DWAI Events blog for any events related info or questions. We also have our own site and forum ^-^

DWAI Summoner Draft Night


This will be the first ever post made on this new blog :D. 

DWAI Summoner Draft Night is tonight guys! Come one come all! Let’s get together and play some League of Legends!

Join the raidcall at or before 8:30 est. (RC info:

Hope to see you guys there!

Head on over to this new DWAI Events blog as well. It will hopefully be your hub for events info on tumblr. 


DWAI Gaming Presents: League of Legends Summoner Draft Night!


Tonight’s “What??? You mean there’s days in December after the 25th??” version of Summoner Draft Night will still be taking place tonight, 8:30PM EST / 7:30PM CST on the Raidcall (ID 4827996).

We will take captains as volunteers, who will pick out their teams and we will play some games of League of Legends in a tournament, which will be streamed and shoutcasted! Doesn’t that sound fun?

Merry Christmas!


Tournament DWAI NA Solo Queue Tournament Signups - JANUARY (Prized Tournament)


DWAI Gaming’s monthly tournament hits us again on January 4th!

Come ring in the new year with DWAI as we take over 40 participants and play in a semi professional tournament for prizes and glory!

The prizes are:

1st: $20 RP and Triumphant Ryze per player

2nd: $15 RP

3rd: $10 RP

4th: $5 RP

Signups are in the link!

Summoner Draft Night in 10 Minutes!


Hello! Decavolty, DWAI Gaming’s Events Coordinator

We’re having our weekly foray into organized tournaments with tonight’s Summoner Draft Night tournament for League of Legends!

All you have to do is pop into our Raidcall room (ID 4827996), and change your Raidcall name to your summoner name, what rank you are, and what role you prefer (ex. “Decavolty B1 Fill” would be mine)

I also have a giveaway, which I will 100% explain when everybody is in and prepped for gameplay. This will all also be streamed and casted by myself and TwilightsWing at

Hope to see you all there!

DWAI Oceanic Event


Hey there guys! Tonight, Friday 13, 9:30pm NZST/ 7:30 AEST (Black Friday) We have our OCE Draft Night! This will take place on the Summoners Rift Under new management so I am looking forward introducing myself to you all! Come join us you level 30 summoners for a Single elimination tournament ending in bragging rights for the ultimate winner! Join us on Raidcall (4827996) where our captains will select their teammates! I, Kibles, Look forward to meeting you all!

OCE Draft Night, ladies and gentlemen!

DWAI Summoner Draft Night!


Toooooonight! 8:30 PM EST!

It is our weekly semi-competitive tournament, Summoner Draft Night!

Some of you might think this to be a tune-up for Saturday’s Prized Tournament (link in pinned post!), what with the new patch shifting over SO many paradigms, and you’re right. Some of you want to play to improve your own personal game, and you’re right. Some still just want to play for fun, and you’re absolutely right.

No matter how you want to play or why you want to play, it only matters that you play. Captains will volunteer, pick their teams, and we will have a tournament! Come join us in the Raidcall, ID 4827996

But best of all, it’ll be hosted by yours truly, Decavolty!

Hope to see you all there!