Greetings, Summoners! Just a few more hours til our YoloQ weekend tournament begins. Please join us at 6PM EST, 5PM CST, for a prized tournament! Don’t forget, we have this tournament this evening, and tomorrow evening if you can’t make it tonight. We ask that you join us before 6:30 so that we can begin in a timely manor. If you have any questions regarding this tournament, check out our website: HERE, or leave a message for a staff member! Hope to see you on our Raidcall server: RC ID 1337. Thanks!


I’m holding a contest in the DWAI Gaming Facebook Group for predictions on Worlds! The winner gets $50 RP!

Contest information is right here: [x]

Our Solo Queue Tournament is beginning shortly! Join us on our Raidcall server: 1337 for a prized League of Legends event! If you’d like to learn more about YoloQ please visit HERE. See you on the fields of justice!

Join us on the Raidcall server: 8632455 for another Yolo Q! This is a prized event, happening right now!